2020 Voters Guide

The Questions

Candidate Responses

In the months leading up to the publication of this Guide, there were multiple attempts made to reach each candidate to request their responses to the questions posed to them. Those who chose not to respond are noted in their section

An Introduction

A series of questions were posed to each candidate by the Tribe’s Governmental Affairs & Special Projects staff regarding Tribal issues including sovereignty, the protection of sacred places, and support for Tribal programs.

This guide presents their answers for evaluation by the Tribal community. Some additional topic-specific questions were posed to candidates running for certain offices such as the Governor of Washington.

The Questions:

  • What do you know about the Snoqualmie Tribe?  
  • What is your experience working with Tribes?  
  • What does the ideal State/Federal and Tribe government-to-government relationship look like to you? 
  • If elected, what would your Indian Country-related goal(s) be? 
  • What is your knowledge of tribal treaties and trust obligations?  
  • Do you support increasing funding to tribes for services such as health care, cultural resources, and education?   
  • What do you know about free, prior and informed consent (FPIC)? If elected, would you advocate for these principles to be included in legislation and policy?  
  • What protections do you believe Tribal cultural resources and sacred sites should have?  
  • What do you believe is the best role of government (local, state, Federal) in the fee to trust process for Tribes to gain jurisdiction over their traditional lands?
  • What do you know about the Snoqualmie Tribe’s sacred site, Snoqualmie Falls? Do you support the Tribe’s right to have a say in any future decisions made on its sacred site, including hydropower licensing? If elected, how would you support the Tribe in its effort to further its work to protect this site from further desecration?